How to Create a Winning Football Betting System


One football season is over, and many football fans are already looking forward to the next. But for those who want a more hands-on approach to football betting, there’s something you should know: You don’t have to guess blindly any longer! Whether you’re an experienced football gambler or just starting in this exciting world of sports betting, we’ll show you how it can be done better – with a football betting system that wins.

There’s an old saying among football gamblers: “If you don’t know who to bet on, pick ’em all.” However, over time it has been found that this strategy doesn’t work because most teams win about half their games – so if you predict every game for each team in a season, then your predictions would end up being somewhere around 50%. So, football betting systems must take into account these probabilities when deciding which bets to make.

Tips to remember: 

  •  Every bet pays $120 or more – meaning there’s no risk involved with each game selected;
  • The gambler must place five bets from ten possible choices before they know what their profits will be;
  •  There’s no need to find out who won because every bet win, whether it’s a football game or not.

You don’t need all that for this football betting strategy because it’s a fixed-odds football betting system which means every bet pays at least $120, so with our hypothetical $100/bet football gambling budget, we could wager as little as just two dollars ($200 total) and still make some profit.

Football does offer more gambling options than any other sport globally, but football betting systems are not always easy to understand – which is what go for to get more exciting like this! So, if you would like a football betting system that’s clear and very profitable (win or lose), then this football strategy might be for you!