Everything You Need To Know When Buying & Selling A Home


Buying or selling in the real estate market comes along with a variety of unique considerations and needs. Homeowners—or soon-to-be homeowners—must remain on top of market trends, financing options, and information about realtors and the real estate trade more generally.

There’s a lot to know, but a savvy buyer or seller can make the most of the marketplace with a few well-placed action items and a whole lot of background knowledge. Finding excellent mortgage options in New York (for borrowers ranging from those with great credit score marks and others with a lower credit score), flipping opportunities in Oakland, or a forever home for you and your family in Tampa can be done with ease if you approach the transaction with an open mind and a great understanding of the ebb and flow of the market itself.

For sellers: Make the most of your home’s upgrade potential.


One great way to make the most of a home sale is to incorporate strategic upgrades and remodeling tasks into the space before listing it for sale. A new coat of paint, for instance, can raise the eventual sale price of your property by an average of thousands of dollars! For a few days’ work, the payout is huge.

The same goes for kitchen upgrades or extensions that make the home unique in its neighborhood. Reimagining your space as luxurious living quarters is a great way to make potential buyers excited about the property and create expanded interest and value.

Partnering with a realtor that you trust, like one at the Joe Dickerson Group, is another must for anyone looking to sell their home. A professional realtor is your greatest ally when it comes to staging the home, listing it on the best possible day (for gaining exposure and traction coming into the weekend), and much more. Homeowners simply have better success when selling their home if they’ve enlisted a top-notch realtor to handle much of the heavy lifting for them during this busy time.

For buyers: Look for amenities or potential with flair.


A buyer will want to target other areas of focus, though. If you’re buying a home, you will need to be wary of roof wear and window integrity, and consider whether the homes you are viewing match your style. Buyers have the important task of identifying a home that fits the mold for their exacting needs, yet perhaps will still need some renovation work to bring it completely up to their vision.

Considering a home that hasn’t seen much renovation work in advance of the listing may be the perfect way to introduce a sort of blank canvas into the buying process. Rather than purchasing a home that’s been built into a certain format, aiming for a lower-cost property that can be turned into the custom image that you hold in your mind’s eye may be the perfect approach for you and your family.

Everyone will be looking for something a little bit different, so the approach that works for one buyer may be completely inadequate for another. Once again, seeking out the professional help of a real estate agent for your buying needs is a great way to navigate all the challenges and questions that often begin swirling during the initial phases of the home search.

For buyers and sellers, the property market is a lively space in which people with a wide range of interests and needs can have a meeting of the minds and create life-changing bargains. With the help of a real estate agent, facilitating a property sale can be made smooth and bring an element of certainty to the transaction itself.

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