Why It is Important to Conduct Police Checks When Doing Background Checks


It is essential to carry out police checks in the pre-hiring process regardless of whether you are hiring or searching for new work. Including the process does not depict mistrust, but instead shows prudent due diligence on the company’s side. Ultimately, it is in the best interest of the company to know those they are employing and can be confident that they can do their work ethically and with honesty.

There are numerous reasons why it is paramount to have police checks in background checks before hiring anyone. Just one case of internal crime can have very bad consequences on an organization’s culture, reputation, and team spirit.  Read through to get 5 top reasons why you should conduct police checks before hiring.

Safeguard Company Culture

The most crucial asset to any business is the people. It is therefore paramount to nurture their engagement and morale. Every employee, current and prospective should be conversant with the organization’s values and how well they are suited to that culture.

By having a police check done, the company is showing prospective employees that the safety of their people is paramount and that they do not just have anyone going through their doors.

Captivate and Maintain Great Talent

A company that wants to develop a top-performance team needs to attract and keep the correct individuals. Having a rigorous screening procedure indicates that the company takes hiring seriously and they do not waste time. This reassures any prospective employees because it shows that they shall be operating in a fast-paced, energetic site.

Maintaining Track Record

Having a damaged reputation can adversely affect any organization. Employees need to know that they are safe when at work and that the company safeguards and protects its track record. Having a police check in place enables the company to minimize danger and detect and avoid possible chances of internal crime.

Safeguard Data and Resources

Living in the era of information has data among the most treasured assets for several businesses. Once inside a company, people can easily access company and customer data, therefore, businesses have a big role in protecting such data. Not having into consideration how data can be protected could see a company facing dire consequences.

Saving Resources

It can be quite expensive and require a lot of time to recruit and train new workers. For a company, making sure that the correct applicant is chosen for a post is essential for both cultural and economic purposes. Numerous studies have hinted that revenue costs linked to replacing and training and coaching a worker can vary from several thousand dollars to up to twice the worker’s annual salary.

It is not only the monetary value of advertising, interviewing, employing, and orienting a new employee that has to be put into consideration. There are other impacts on the larger company like lost productivity, lack of engagement by other workers, and cultural effects. Therefore, investing in proper background checks offers great value for money.