When it’s better to make deals


The line of bookmakers today is very diverse. They offer bets on most sports, as well as events not related to sports disciplines. These can be such fields as:

  • politics;
  • weather;
  • show business.

Some odds appear in the line long before the start of the match. As a rule, this is the case of highly rated games. Quotes on other events may be offered right before the game. But for most events, you can find sports forecasts on the Scores 24 website. Information is published daily, which will help bettors in the game against the bookmakers.

However, there are some bettors who prefer bets in the live mode considering them more profitable than pre-match bets. But in fact, it all depends on the strategies used by bettors, as well as the ability to analyze specific matches before or during the game.

Let us discuss in this article when it is more profitable to place bets, as well as analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Placing bets the day before the match or earlier

As a rule, most of the odds are published on the websites of the top bookmakers a few days or even a few weeks before the start of the game. As to Scores 24, predictions are also published in advance.

This factor creates an additional advantage for bettors who know how to use it. After all, in the early stages, the odds are not dropping yet due to large sums of money placed on one of the outcomes. Therefore, it is possible to make bets with more favorable odds.

Another advantage is that in the early stages bookmakers can make mistakes. Analytical centers do not always assess the chances of teams or the likelihood of a particular event in the match correctly. Therefore, experienced forecasters try to see such events in the pool and make deals with inflated odds, which brings additional profits in the long run.

As the match date approaches, the bookies may discover their mistakes and correct the odds. But, as a rule, due to the cash flow, the odds, in any case, come back to normal over time and reflect the most realistic chances of the teams.  The odds change especially quickly in the very early stages. Experienced bettors operate with large sums of money, due to which instant drops can be observed.

Some bettors have learned to bet by following up on such changes in odds. They monitor the line a few days before the game and look for significant drops in one of the outcomes of the sporting event. It is very likely that experienced bettors are placing bets on this option massively. It also happens when a certain circle of people has insider information about the upcoming match.

When it comes closer to the date of the sporting event, the technique of playing based on drops becomes ineffective. After all, during this period, most bettors, including beginners, place their bets bet. Therefore, changes in odds in no way indicate changes in the chances of teams.

But long-term bets also have disadvantages. One of them is the insufficient turnover of funds. For example, money placed on an event several days before it starts remains frozen until the bet is settled. During this period, the bettor could turn the game bank over several times and, subject to a combination of lucky circumstances, earn more regardless of less favorable odds.

The second disadvantage is that after the bet has been placed, there will be new information that can significantly affect the chances of success of the bet placed. For example, if the coach decides that the reserve lineup will play, or if one of the team’s key players gets injured.

Matchday betting

Most bettors prefer to bet on today’s matches. This is due to the unwillingness to wait long for the bet to be settled. This is what the advantage of such deals is about – the winnings can be received in a few hours, and sometimes even earlier.

The downside of such bets, as experienced cappers point out, is that the odds are not always acceptable. This is especially true for popular events. Due to the large number of those wishing to bet on a particular game, the odds can drop significantly. As a rule, bettors are forced to make deals on the most likely events with really undervalued odds.

But betting just before the game has advantages, including the following:

  • a lot of information about the upcoming match becomes available;
  • team lineups are known;
  • there is data about the athletes’ spirit for the game and additional motivation;
  • the referees and the number of fans to be present at the event are known.

Also, a lot of other information about the upcoming event is published before the game. Sports news portals provide a comprehensive analysis of athletes and teams, thus making it easier to predict the course of the confrontation.

Tips for today’s matches are also available on Scores 24, and all odds are valid at the time of publication of the prediction. Therefore, every user can get free betting advice and assess the change of odds.

Bets in the Live mode

It also makes sense to place bets in the live mode. Sometimes it is easier to make money in such a case despite the fact that bookmakers usually put a higher margin on such options than on the pre-match line.

The advantage of online betting is that the bettor can watch the course of the match and see clearly the progress and prospects of each team. It is also possible to react instantly to important changes in the balance of forces during the match. For example, an injury or removal of a key player can change the odds in favor of the opponent.

As to the disadvantages, it is worth noting the rapid change in odds. There is no time for a detailed study of statistics in the live mode. Here bettors need to learn how to quickly assess the situation and make rational decisions. And when it comes to very dynamic sports, bettors have to act immediately if they want to make a profitable bet.

Nevertheless, the betting process in the live mode is facilitated by the fact that most of the betting strategies are developed for this very mode. Also, bettors get the opportunity to win fast, sometimes in a few minutes. This greatly increases the turnover of the game bank.