What is a DC-DC Battery Charger?


Looking for an effective and versatile battery charger? If yes, then read the complete article. DC stands for direct current which is heavily used in vehicles as well as uber small appliances. A DC DC battery charger is an essential part of any auxiliary battery which has various options available in the market. But what is their job? Many people are not completely aware of this type of charger. The primary role of the DC-DC charger is to power the vehicle’s electrical system and recharging the central battery and thereby helping in the start-up.

The role of a DC-DC Charger

As we all know solar power is an extremely eco-friendly and efficient source of energy. However, it has several disadvantages as well. A person cannot charge a battery fully when there is not proper sunlight which is essential for the solar batteries. In such conditions, one needs to depend on an alternative way to recharge the battery. Here comes the need of AC to DC chargers or DC to DC chargers. The latter one relies on the energy from one battery to charge another one. There are two batteries involved in the process and so it can be called “B2B chargers” which indicates battery to battery chargers. Nowadays, most of the vehicles have a battery power system in case of improper function of the engine.

How does it work?

The functioning process of a DC-DC battery charger adopts the available output from the alternator and then converts this energy to a higher rate of amperage. In this way it charges the auxiliary battery at whatever current the battery’s capacity. The power can go maximum 50 amps and the level completely depends on the rating of the charger. There are three different parts in this charging process, like boost, absorption and float. During the boost, it provides a maximum voltage to a low battery during the initial charging. In the absorption level that battery continues to charge that is maintained until the present demand of the battery is fulfilled.

Advantages of a DC-DC charger

  1. This is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to charge the auxiliary battery safely regardless of the type of the vehicle’s alternator.
  2. DCDC charger is required for the proper battery maintenance and optimized charging.
  3. They are convenient in adverse weather or in cloudy weather. One can easily change the alternator without any hassle.
  4. Most of the road-worthy vehicles now carry a full charging system on board. The DC-to-DC charging system can be considered as a backup for off-grid life.


This was all about a DC-DC battery charger. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the best suitable or fool-proof charging system. Don’t depend on only one technology as weather conditions can change anytime. It also ensures the battery gets charged at its maximum level in a safe and fast way.Invest in a good-quality DC-DC battery charger and stay rest assured that the battery can always be charged anytime.