Various Types of Premium Silk Bed Sheet Types to Consider


Silk is luxurious, that is a known fact. That is why when buying silk beddings, it is crucial that you know what your options are. There are different types of silk to choose from and each of them has its unique characteristics. So before you purchase your silk bed sheets for your bedding ensemble, here are the various types of premium silk, from the highest to the lowest quality, that you can pick from.

Mulberry Silk

When it comes to beddings, mulberry silk is the most popular choice. Usually, the mulberry silk is still charmeuse silk but is cultivated using a special type of silkworm, the Bombyx mori, that are fed with a strict diet. The production of mulberry silk from the Bombyx mori has been around for more than 5,000 years. Mulberry silk is by far the finest type of silk available today.

Charmeuse Silk

This is the most commonly used type of silk with a variety of uses, from beddings to shirts and dresses. It is lightweight and has a natural elasticity. That is why charmeuse silk is mostly used for bed sheets and pillowcases. It is easy to differentiate charmeuse silk from the rest because at the front it has a satin sheen with a dull finish at the back. Charmeuse silk is cultivated that silkworms produced.

Tussah Silk

This type of silk is made from wild silkworms. Unlike the cultivated silkworms, they have not been bred specifically for silk. They are not fed a strict diet like the ones used for mulberry silk. That is why the tussah silk is not as soft nor as durable compared to the higher quality silks

Habotai Silk

Another popular type of natural silk is used for making beddings and sheets. This is less expensive compared to charmeuse but less durable as well. Most manufacturers was habotai silk with sand to give it a softer feel. But this process can destroy the silk fibers that is why it does not last as long as the other silk types.

Dupioni Silk

This is a strong yet lustrous type of silk. Although this is not ideal for most beddings,  this is sometimes used as duvets. This cannot maintain temperatures as other types of silk does. This is the lowest quality of silk made from irregular cocoons.

Buying Silk Sheets Online

When you are buying silk bed sheets online, it is crucial that you know how to pick the best. Look at the “momme weight.” This is the measurement of the silks’ weight. As a rule of thumb, remember that the higher the momme weight is, the better mulberry silk quality it is.

Using silk sheets has plenty of benefits. Even though they are pricier compared to typical fabrics used in beddings, they are surely worth every penny because, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for decades. They are not only highly recommended for those with sensitive skin and prone to allergies, but they also come with amazing benefits like improving your quality of sleep.