Transform your dog photo to a painting


Paint your dog photo and express your love for him/her. Pet paintings are the perfect way to keep your best friend close to you forever. The magic of pet paintings is that they can be used as wall art, Gifts at the holidays, or just to enjoy by yourself. These can be created using any medium whether it be Oil acrylic paint, pastels, or watercolors. Transform your pooch into a masterpiece with these easy-to-follow steps.

Begin with two dogs painted different colors. Merge your dog’s and household photos into one lovely oil painting. Combine your two dogs’ pictures with custom-designed backgrounds and paint them using oil paint.

To complete these oil paintings you need to find a place to do them. With several options in our local market, you can have them done at home, studios, and exhibitions. You can also choose an experienced artist to do these pet portraits. The price depends on the type of paint, oil, and medium being used. Painting two dogs are inexpensive compared to others.

Once you have completed the photo painting and have selected the backdrop or background, the next step is to choose the color palette of colors. A good way to do this is to do your best to match your two dogs and household furnishings. Use the color palette or colors of similar hues to have an overall effect. For example, if both dogs are in shades of brown, then the color palette or colors would be brown and chocolate. Choose a suitable background to create the effect. It could be a grassy lawn, an empty lot, a tree, or another natural scene that is familiar to you or the pets.

When you have completed the pet portraits and have chosen a suitable background, you can start to paint. Two dogs painted in neutral color palettes can look great. If the photo was taken from a recent fashion show, it would look great with vibrant colors. Remember to use oil paints only when you have an expert’s touch. Oil paints give great color and tone to the photos.

If you are going to get a portrait taken, then why not go for something that speaks to youth? After all, many people who are young (and who like to take pictures) love to participate in trends. A pet portrait may very well be part of one of those trends!

By having a custom pet portrait taken by an artist who understands how to draw and how to put people’s pet personalities into a portrait, you can be sure that this will be a worthwhile investment.

A professional would paint the photo with the same quality as a professional. He will take into consideration your preference and preferences of your pets. Paint your dog photo in layers. This will give a sense of dimension and life to the photo. Your two dogs painted with one coat of paint may seem the same but will lack the depth and life once the second coat of paint is added.