Tips to ace CBSE class 10 Maths


10th class is one of the most important years in a student’s life. It’s what will define how they fare in their higher classes and college admissions. At this crucial stage, students need to shine. Or what if you’re feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! This article will give you some tips on how to ace your CBSE 10th-grade Maths.

If you are currently enrolled in class 10, then you understand that school can be difficult. Studying for the board exam is one of the most challenging aspects of the school year. But fear not! There are many ways to learn and study mathematics. One of the best ways to do this is by using math software like Fraction Tree or MathXL, which offers step-by-step solutions to problems. These programs make it easier to learn how to work out math problems quickly and effectively. Here are some tips for studying mathematics in school.

CBSE class 10 Maths is a crucial part of your study. You need to score well in CBSE class 10 Maths to get good marks in the final exam.

Here are some tips for studying mathematics in school.

  • You should always read the question before answering it. If you do not understand a question then ignore it and move on
  • Learn the basics: There’s no way to ace Maths without understanding what you’re doing. It’s best to learn the basic formulas and rules before moving on to more complicated topics. Understand how each question will be tested: Questions for class 10 Maths can be grouped into two categories – theory-based questions and applied questions. Theory-based questions are those that test basic mathematical principles such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, and trigonometry. Applied questions are those that require knowledge of elementary physics (motion), chemistry (matter), biology (living things).
  • Start preparing your maths topic from the first day. For CBSE maths can be tough. But that doesn’t mean you should not start studying in advance. If you are enrolled in CBSE then you must start preparing for your maths exam from the first day of your enrollment. Before starting, make sure to take care of a few things. Find out which syllabus is being taught in your school for this session. Here is CBSE Class 10 Syllabus For Maths.
  • CBSE gives recursive questions. Thus it is highly advisable to solve all previous year CBSE question papers. These papers are free to download. With the answer sheet provided by CBSE, you can easily solve all the paper. To make your solution easily, you may also go through all previous year’s question papers of your subject on the CBSE website and find out how each question is solved in that paper. However, it is advisable to read them for a better understanding of answer sheet clues and approaches to solving the question.

Solve your math problems in steps. The board exam awards marks for steps as well. You will still be able to score some marks even if your answer is incorrect due to a calculation error. You can pick up the skill of writing steps by looking at previous years’ solved question papers.

  • You can also take a test paper before you start preparing for your exam so that you know which topics are your weakest points and need more practice. This would be especially helpful if the material in your textbook was too difficult or confusing for you.
  • Maths NCERT should be considered as a Bible while preparing for the board’s exam. Most of the questions come from NCERT books alone.
  • Engage yourself in some competitive work. You must practice hard for any subject before appearing for the CBSE exam. This helps you to get more experienced while solving maths questions on it. You can also prepare your mocks while practising for this paper.
  • Discuss your doubts with your teacher and study guides during preparation time. Always get one of your parents’ views so that you can get an idea of how to tackle any task at hand. Get more ideas on solving by expressing your fears over the way of approaching it so that you can understand what you are lacking to solve the problem correctly.
  • Work together with your friends, so that you can keep your performance up while solving questions. You will enjoy solving the same questions with your friend helping you in understanding the correct approach to solving them.
  • So if you are preparing for the CBSE maths exam then follow the above-mentioned tips and get good marks on that paper.
  • In the final term of the school year, you have to appear for a lot of exams. Some of these exams are majorly maths-based. Thus you have to start preparing from the first day of your enrolment. If possible try to solve mocks and practice sessions daily so that you can understand the important points on which you have to concentrate more.
  • For any exam mocks or practice sessions are very essential for anyone appearing for an exam. These mocks and practice sessions ensure that a person is well-prepared enough for the approaching exam. The same thing goes for CBSE maths as well. If you study properly and solve mocks and practice sessions, you will not fail any mathematics exam. Thus you should try hard to solve the mocks and practise sessions daily. This will give you more confidence and prepare your mental ability and determination for solving the questions with full dedication and interest.


Maths is not tough. You have to prepare well from day one. Don’t be scared. The toughest part is the preparation. You have to stick to your routine and be creative and innovative. Don’t give up. Stay focussed throughout and Keep practising, practice makes perfect.