The Top 10 Best Drop Shipping Products in 2022


Drop shipping is now such a popular eCommerce model that you might think you’ll miss the opportunity. But think again. Drop shipping is still on the rise, with the market predicted to hit almost $500 billion in the next four years.

A significant factor in the success of any drop shipping store is the product. You need a high-quality product that’s in high demand with customers.

Here are the ten best drop shipping products in 2022.

1. Blue Light Glasses

Glasses that block light are all the rage at the moment. Blue light is that artificial light we get from things like phone screens, and too much of it affects our sleep. Blue light-blocking glasses can counter this effect.

2. Kids Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Parents are starting to get more information on the implications of plastic in food and drink containers. Many of them are switching to products like stainless steel for regular purchases of water bottles.

3. Sustainable Pet Toys

Anyone with a pet dog will know how quickly they chew through their latest favorite toy!

Customers increasingly favor sustainable products in their purchasing decisions, including pet toys. It’s a trending drop shipping niche that shows the potential for plenty of growth in the coming years.

4. Sleep Headphones

Anyone who has ever fallen asleep with their headphones will remember the discomfort. Manufacturers have created a solution: the fabric Bluetooth headphone band. It covers your eyes and ears and will improve your sleep.

You’ll need to know how to find a reliable manufacturer if you plan on selling high-tech equipment, so reach out to a drop shipping expert first.

5. Shopping Bags

More stores are beginning to charge for plastic bags. Some shops are even scrapping them altogether.

This environmentally conscious shift has forced people to bring tote bags on shopping trips. A unique tote bag from a drop shipping supplier could earn plenty of revenue.

6. Aroma Diffusers

Aroma diffusers are a safe and effective way of using aromatherapy oils. They come in many chic designs, making it easy to find a unique aroma diffuser style in the drop shipping market to sell to your customers.

7. Foot Masks

Yes, that’s not a typo. Beauty manufacturers have discovered that it’s not just our faces that benefit from intensive moisturizing treatment. Adding a mask treatment to your feet can leave them feeling as soft as silk.

8. Wooden Baby Toys

Customers are shying away from buying plastic toys. The modern parent prefers safe and simple toys made of natural materials like wood. If you can find a product in this market, preferably an educational toy, it should sell well.

9. Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo is sustainable and kind to the skin. So it’s becoming a popular material in clothing and bedroom products, including bedsheets. That is a hot product niche that could bring you lots of drop shipping sales!

10. Kitchen Storage

Many Instagram accounts have appeared in recent years, helping people get organized at home. Often, these influencers mention storage innovations. Why not look for drop shipping merchandise in the kitchen storage niche?

The Best Drop Shipping Products

That brings us to the end of our list of the best drop shipping products available currently. With so many exciting drop shipping ideas to explore, which one of these products will help your new business succeed in 2022?

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