Starting hands percentage and how you should play your positions


Most beginning poker players have no idea how tight or loose they should play. You will see them trying to figure out the percentage of hand before the flop they should play. These are all good questions, but the answers to them are very complex. Poker keeps changing and it requires players to change accordingly. As such, there is no single answer to those questions that applies to all possible situations. There is no single answer that can satisfactorily cover all scenarios. More experienced players usually play better post-flop, but beginners lack such experience and are advised to play a tighter game. Below are some outlines you can follow as a beginner to make your QQ Online poker experience better.

When to call and raise

There are several situations when you should raise or fold. For instance, if you have a good hand and you wish to play it, but your opponents seem to be folding, you should raise. However, you should generally fold if you have a bad hand that would cost you money if you check or raise. When you fold, your opponents are denied the opportunity to put you in a bad position. It also makes other opponents to put more money into the pot in case you have a good hand.

Playing in the early position

Early position is often abbreviated as EP and it is generally held by first 3 players who act when the number of players at the table is nine. You will need a strong hand because 6 more players are yet to act. You can expect solid players to raise 3 times. A game like this can seem very tight at this point but you have to recall that you will be risking 3 big blinds only to win 1.5 big blinds if all the remaining six players fold. Besides that, in case you get called, you may have to play out of position post-flop. All these disadvantages make it best to have a strong hand prior to the flop.

Second and third positions of the button are called middle positions in poker. Fewer people are usually left to act in this position and being called means that you will play in position more often.

Playing on the cutoff and the button

The actions of the button will highly influence your actions at cutoff play. The cutoff position should be treated as another button if the button is playing very tight. However, if the button is a little loose, then you will have to play tighter a little.

Strategies that professionals use in poker differ a lot based on the hands they are dealt and how the dame is proceeding generally. If everybody at the table is raising, it is best to play a bit tighter because chances are that they have better hands than you and are trying to draw you into murky waters. Resist the urge and stick to your game. Even drop out of the game if you have to. Always remember that it is just a Judi Poker game and not a life sentence.