Should You Rent Linen Supplies?


Linen supplies are commonly required in the hospitality industry for a variety of reasons. Linen is one of the most resilient and durable fabrics available, and it’s widely used in a wide range of items. From bed sheets to pillow covers to table linen, serviettes and napkins, linen is used for virtually everything. Needless to say, linen supplies are commonly required in the hospitality industry and most hotels run out of them regularly. As a result of that, hotel owners often need to keep a healthy stock of linen at all times at their disposal.

Whenever a guest checks in, their room must be prepared, and that includes changing the bed sheets, replacing the pillow covers, and making sure that they have everything they need. More importantly, most hotels also have their own restaurants, so you are going to require an extensive range of table linen as well. For many small hotels, managing this much linen is difficult. If white linen is being used, you should know that it starts turning yellow after a few washes as well. Therefore, a better idea is to rent hotel linen supplies. Here are a few reasons why renting the hotel linen is a better choice.

It’s More Affordable

When you compare the costs of renting the linen with the costs of buying and using it in house, you will realise that the former is a much better choice. Depending upon your requirements, you can set a budget with the company. They are going to supply the linen regularly to your hotel and charge an affordable fee for their services. Now, if you were to purchase the linen and use it in house, you will first have to make a sizeable investment in buying the linen. Then, you will need to create a separate department for cleaning and washing the linen and then using it again. It’s obviously a costly procedure and will add a significant burden on your hotels’ finances. Moreover, it’s also going to add a sizeable burden on your company’s payroll.

Easier to Manage

Presentation is everything in the hospitality sector, so you have to make sure that the linen you serve is properly cleaned and folded in the right manner. This means you will need to spend a great deal of money regularly just for washing and cleaning the linen. It’s much easier to manage if you rent the linen from another company. They are going to dispatch the clean linen to your hotel and take away the dirty ones. It’s their responsibility to make sure that you get clean linen regularly. They also have a reliable complaint resolution system, so if you don’t get quality products, you can always lodge a complaint.