Short Note on Misconceptions about Contact Lenses


Gone are the days when you had to wear spectacles to improve your vision. Now there is a choice to use contact lenses that is more beneficial compared to spectacles. The lenses improve your all-round vision, no issues to endure light sensitivity, convenient to use in any situation like in sports field.

However, individuals considering using contact lenses are afraid of trying them even for trial. The reason is that they are confused because of several myths prevailing about the usage of contact lenses.

Here are few of the misconceptions about contact lenses –

  • Contact lens will merge with eye and is lost – It isn’t true as there is thin membrane known as conjunctiva connected to the inside of your eyes that covers the white of the eyes. The conjunctiva will act as armor to protect your eyes from the lens.
  • The lenses are uncomfortable to wear – That statement isn’t totally true as it takes a short time period to adapt to wearing lenses. However, if worn rightly and by following the guidelines of your ophthalmologist.
  • Lenses may get stuck to your eyes permanently – If you are using inferior quality lens or the moisture in it gets dry, there are chances of lens getting stuck. You can apply sterile saline or some specific solution to make the lens move again.

  • Taking care of the lenses is a tedious job – This is totally wrong as modern technology has made it possible to easily maintain the goodness of contact lens. They are even daily disposable lens available to discard with ease.
  • It will further damage the eyes – Lenses need to be used rightly as per the instructions. You need to take care of your eyes by following your doctor advice.
  • It is difficult to wear the lenses – At first, it may be difficult to use it however gradually you will get adapted to wear it perfectly.
  • Sometimes the lenses pop out of eyes – There is possibility with old contact lens while involved in doing vigorous exercises or while playing. The issue has been rectified in new kind of rigid gas permeable or GP contact lens. They are well fixed closer to eyes, thus leave negligible chance of lens dislodging itself.

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