Moving To a New House? We’ve Got You Covered


Moving to a new home is exciting, but it’s also one of life’s most tasking events. There’s much more to it than merely packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, and even all those things can be a test of patience to themselves. You also have to worry about big picture things like getting acclimated to a new area, changing your address with the postal office, and helping your family adjust.

Indeed, moving is a daunting process, but with careful planning, you can make your load much lighter. Continue reading to get some tips that will make your next move a little easier.

It’s more affordable to rent a moving truck than hire a moving team.


One of the biggest questions for homeowners when moving is whether or not to hire professional relocation specialists for their move. Indeed, hiring professional movers will spare you from having to do the grunt work, but it’s not always the best option. Hiring professional movers can be expensive, so if it’s a local move and you don’t have a lot of heavy lifting to do, it’s better to do it yourself with a group of friends and family members.

Finding a reliable pickup truck can be another common struggle for families on the move. However, Fluid Truck has made it easier than ever to get the vehicle you need for your move. Not all moves require a Penske or U-Haul-style moving truck, but you can find rental trucks in various styles on the Fluid Truck platform.

If you’re looking for affordable moving truck rental solutions, you should try the Fluid Truck platform and find the pickup truck or moving truck you need. Traditional truck rental companies often run out of the vehicle you need right when you need it, leaving you with a truck that’s too small or too large. Fluid Truck is the Uber of the moving truck industry, giving you a wide selection of rental trucks to choose from.

Handle renovations before moving.


A common mistake people make when they move into their homes is scheduling renovations around the same time as the move. Ultimately, you and the contractors will get in each other’s way and make each other’s lives more difficult.

The best way to avoid the awkwardness of trying to conduct a move while your new flooring is being put down is to handle renovations before moving in. If you know you want to replace the carpet in your new home with hardwood or vinyl planks, buy vinyl plank flooring online in time to have the project finished before your moving day.

Start packing in advance of your move.


Nothing puts pressure on the moving process like trying to pack everything at the last minute. Trying to stuff boxes and suitcases as you rush them out the front door to the moving truck is the best way to lose and break things. That’s why it’s good to start packing weeks in advance of your move.

When you start packing early, you can take a systematic approach. You can start with things you know you won’t need before you move and begin packing them first. You can also start in a particular room and work your way slowly through the house, carefully packing and labeling as you go.

Moving is something that people tend to look forward to and dread at the same time. However, you can take the dread out of the moving process by taking time to plan ahead.

Doing it yourself is a great way to save money, and you can make your work lighter and safer with the right equipment. Furthermore, you can get acclimated to your home quicker by handling renovations before your move and scheduling your utilities before your move. After all, the more time you spend preparing, the less time you’ll spend stressing.