How to Shoot With Both Eyes Open


Would it surprise you to learn that there are more guns than people in the U.S.?

Exactly how many guns are there?

It’s estimated that there are 400 million guns in the U.S. with 98% of them owned by civilians.

If you’re one of the nearly one-third of Americans who own a gun, it’s important to be a responsible and capable gun owner.

Start with becoming a more accurate shooter. Keep reading to learn how to shoot with your eyes open for proper aim.

Beginner Shooters

Before you begin pistol shooting, learn all you can about your gun. Begin with how to load a clip. This is something you must learn before you begin to practice firing your pistol. You don’t want to risk accidentally firing your gun while loading it. Begin by reading the owner’s manual so you get the instructions that pertain to your specific pistol.

Learning To Aim With Both Eyes Open

Many beginning shooters choose to shoot a pistol or other type of gun with one eye closed. Is this something we’ve learned from Hollywood movies or is it just instinct? People in the firearm industry say that in order to be the most accurate, you need to leave that idea behind.

Advantages of Shooting With Both Eyes Open

Once you have some practice shooting with both eyes open, you will see the effect it has on your accuracy. Let’s look at the reasons why.

Field of Vision

When you close one eye, you limit your field of vision by eliminating half of your peripheral vision. If you’re in a dangerous situation, the last thing you want is a limited field of vision. You need to be able to see what’s around you so that you can act quickly and decisively.

Less Tense

Whether you’re practicing long-distance shooting or firing at a close target, when you close one eye, it causes your other muscles to tense up. This causes you to flinch and foil your accuracy.

When you fire with both eyes open, you are naturally more relaxed.

Aim With Both Eyes

In order to focus on your sights during target practice, you should squint your non-dominant eye, usually your left eye if you’re right-handed.

You’ll use your dominant eye to focus on your sight because your body responds better to information that comes from your dominant eye. Your non-dominant eye fills in the other information about what’s around you.

Keep practicing to train your brain to take in all the information you need with both eyes.

Learn How To Shoot With Plenty of Practice

In order to feel comfortable with a firearm, you need to learn how to shoot using different techniques and practice your aim with both eyes open. You’ll become a more competent shooter at the range and out in the field. Lots of training and concentration are key to reaching this goal.

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