How to improve grammar in class 10 English


English is a global language. If you want to study, work, live abroad or stay in touch with friends and family internationally, you will need to speak English well. India is a diverse country and many different languages are spoken here. English is the only language that can be understood by everyone! We all must know how to use it well; not just for our interests but also for the country as a whole.

English is an interesting language to learn. It has different rules than many other languages, and it’s not always easy to remember them all. Here are some tips for improving your grammar in class 10 English.

To modify a sentence, you can use the following words:

– article (a/an/the)

– adjective (e.g. big)

– adverb (e.g. quickly)

– noun (e.g. car)

– pronoun (e.g he/she/it)

– verb (e.g., jumps)

– adverb clause (e.g., when she was young)

– preposition phrase

English is the most commonly used language in the world. It is also one of the hardest to learn. Sometimes it can seem confusing with too many rules to remember. Some students find grammar boring because it has so many tiny rules that are hard to memorize. They think that grammar is difficult and will never be useful for them in their lives. However, if you can improve your grammar, you’ll be able to write more effectively and better understand what you read.

Here, are some ways to know how to improve your English grammar skills:

  •       Check your grammar mistakes.

This makes you realize how much bad writing you do. If you can check your grammar mistakes, you’ll know what not to do again. You may also see why grammar is so important and how it affects your writing. You will also be able to notice the mistakes others make, which will help guide them toward good English usage.

  •       Learn the correct rules of English usage

The rules of proper usage are easy to learn once you know them well enough for them to be second nature to use in any situation that requires it. You can then avoid making too many errors because all English words are used correctly except those that require special pronunciation or spelling peculiarities (such as accents).

  •       Read the examples of grammar mistakes you make so you will know how to avoid them in the future.

Students need to study grammar tips so they can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. It is also recommended that they read English explanations of grammatical terms so they are more familiar with them before they start learning more intensively.

  •       Ask questions about grammar rules

Asking your teacher or lecturer about the rules is important because this will help you understand what you are learning better. If you don’t understand what something means, consider asking for clarification on it. If there are too many rules to remember, remembering one or two will be simpler than remembering all of them at once.

  •       Study the grammar in various ways

You may want to study grammar in different ways. For example, if you are interested in history or language, find any texts that talk about grammar and sentence structure. If you are focusing on literature, read the context of the work in regards to the story, characters, and devices used by the writer to understand how English is used in real life. If you just want to improve your spelling skills, practice is essential.

  •       Rewrite your sentences properly

While it can be helpful to write samples of sentences that contain mistakes either for future reference or for review when writing assignments with others, it is also very important for students to realize how useless their writing skills are before they can improve them. It is important to recognize how sentences are constructed so you can recognize mistakes so they won’t be made again in the future.

  •       Listen for grammar errors when you listen to lectures or articles

You will become more familiar with grammar rules if you listen to the lectures or articles of others. It is best to listen to good-quality material because it’s easy for students to understand when they are not getting it right. There are also lots of mistakes that you can detect when listening, which is why it’s easy for you to figure out when others are making mistakes in their speech or writing. 

  •       Read the more popular books

It is recommended for you to read the more popular books because they are usually easy to understand. They are also made so readers can enjoy reading them without struggling too much with the language. This makes it easier for you to improve your skills since you will be reading more of these types of texts rather than harder ones that are filled with difficult words and grammar rules. Also do not forget your textbooks like Class 10 English First Flight Book.

  •       Practice writing daily

Students need to practice their writing skills daily for them to improve. This means that they should write every day, doing the same assignment over and over again if they have time so that they can get better at it. They should also not be afraid to write bad, but still, have it for practice. This is because if they can improve their skills, they will be able to do more of the kind of writing activities that require them in school (for example, writing an English composition) and in their work (writing emails or simple letters).

  •       Ask questions when you don’t understand something

Once you start understanding things better, ask questions or seek clarification if you are not sure of something. A teacher will be happy to help you understand an English concept better if you’re not getting it right on your own. To get help with grammar rules, sentences, or their parts, it is recommended that you ask someone who understands the language well.


The 10th standard is not just about reading and writing. You should focus on the grammar portion and read a lot. Reading helps a lot and do not panic.