How to Choose the Best Recoil Pads for Your Gun


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For those marksmen who choose rifles or shotguns as their firearms of choice, it’s very common to experience bruised shoulders while shooting. That’s because recoil often causes shoulder pain. Fortunately, this article provides a solution.

Here we discuss how to choose the best recoil pads for your gun. Keep reading to learn more about recoil pads for guns, including shotgun pads that will help reduce the discomfort associated with shooting firearms.

The Type of Gun You’re Shooting

Let’s start by discussing the type of gun you’ll be using. After all, each type is different, thus they each produce varying amounts of recoil.

The key is to focus on the gun caliber as well as the caliber of the ammo you’ll be shooting. This is important because the caliber of the firearm and ammo has a direct impact on the amount of recoil the gun will be pressing into your shoulder.

In other words, guns that produce less recoil won’t need as much padding.

The Type of Shooting You’re Doing

The next thing to consider when shopping for recoil pads for guns is the type of shooting you plan to do. For example, shooting at paper targets at an indoor shooting range is different from hunting wild game in the wilderness.

This is because you’ll be shooting a lot more rounds at the range than you will during a hunt. Thus you’ll need more protection for your shoulder. Just make sure you are practicing with the same equipment you’ll be using in the field.

The Type of Clothing You’re Wearing

Do you plan to wear layers of heavy clothing while shooting? If so, you won’t need as much padding for the butt of your gunstock.

Keep in mind that the purpose of using a shotgun recoil pad is to provide protection for your shoulder, arm, and neck. Wearing thick clothes takes care of this problem. You might still need a bit of padding for your gun, but too much could negatively impact your ability to aim your firearm.

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A Guide to Buying Recoil Pads

No matter the time of year, spending time in the woods or at the shooting range is a great activity. But anyone who has ever fired a rifle or shotgun knows you can walk away from the experience pretty bruised up. Fortunately, this guide to buying recoil pads for your firearm will help make your next trip to the shooting range a bit more enjoyable.

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