Watching a movie on YouTube, amazon prime, Netflix, or at a cinema house have same effects on children. Children are not mature yet who don’t know what is wrong or what is right. If they have a smartphone then they will start to ดูหนังออนไลน์ or content that can be harmful to them. Parents need to care about the child and check what is doing your child with the mobile. As a child, he/she doesn’t know that watching a movie for a long time may affect their mind and thoughts. What happens when a child watches the film whether at home or theatre –

  1. Loud noise makes upset and frighten:

When parents are going to watch a movie in the cinema then the child will also go with them. They also watch the movie with their parents. A loud noise in the cinema may fright the child and can upset. The child can start weeping in a dark scene of cinema. Some children can’t live in a dark place and feel scary. Although going to a cinema may be exciting for parents but not for the children. It can create a problem of anxiety and fright.

  1. Bad scenes of the movie and negative things:

Children have a very sharp memory and they can remember anything for a long time. They have no tolerance for fear and bad thing happening. If a child goes to the cinema to watch a picture or movie with their parents or friends then the bad or frightening scene of the movie will be less effective. If they go alone to the cinema to watch the movie then they might have some bad effects of the movie. These bad effects can live along with his/her life and may feel bad to the child. Bad effects are nothing but negative things that make your children’s minds negative to live.

If the movie is in the wrong script of sex, drug abuse, violence, offensive language, and adult themes then these things can hurt the child. Some scenes of negative things can have a lifetime effect.

  1. Lessons from the movies:

What children watch they also learn that same thing. What parents do a child will also do the same thing even whatever parents advise to do. They learn by seeing someone. If a child goes cinema with parents and watches a movie that should not be seen by a child, absolutely affect the child’s thoughts. If he/she hears offensive words then the child will also copy those words. As a lesson, they learn from the movie what they see whether it is wrong or not.

Children have the high brain power and high catching power. Whatever their family talks and sees the movie they learn from their tasks, not by advice. They have not mature minds and are careless about what they are doing so parents should care about them. If a child is not ready to go to the cinema or frightened in the cinema then parents should leave for home.