How Bookmakers Make Money


Sport predictions today are extremely popular. More and more bookmakers appear on the betting market. Well-known companies do their best to offer users favorable conditions and expand their client base.

This is understandable because the bookmaker’s income depends on the number of bets. And contrary to popular belief, the main profit of betting companies is not generated by the losses of the bettors. After all, there will always be clients making bets on both favorites and outsiders. Let us discuss what bookmaker’s earnings are based at.

Bookmaker’s edge

When setting odds, each bookmaker includes a certain percentage of guaranteed profit. In simple terms, a bookmaker charges each odd with a certain percentage that is credited to the office’s moneybox.

This is very easy to see when analyzing events involving opponents. For example, there is a game of two tennis players of equal strength. The chance of winning for any of them is 50%. This means that the odds for each win should be 2.0. However, when it comes to the bookmakers’ line we see a completely different picture. There are such odds as:

  • 90 for 1.90;
  • 85 for 1.85;
  • 91 for 1.91.

This deviation appears due to the very commission of the bookmaker. The higher it is, the less profitable the game becomes for the bettor.

Because of such included edge, the bookmaker always remains on the plus side. The more popular the event is, the more profitable odds the bookmaker can offer. The fact is that such games are easier to control and track cash flows. Due to the large number of odds, a decent bankroll is formed, which means that the company’s earnings will also be high.

When it comes to less popular games, the bookmaker may make mistakes in setting odds due to a less thorough analysis of events. But the office eliminates this disadvantage due to the high margin. For deep action lines and exotic sports, bookmakers often include a commission that exceeds 10%.

Scores 24 is a website that will assist bettors in the game against betting platforms. Here users can find a comparative table of odds in the top bookmakers for each of the sporting events. Thanks to this, the bettor can easily determine the profitable odds and place bets at the office where the odds are the highest

Welcome bonuses

The bonus policy of most bookmakers is aimed at attracting new users. Many companies may not offer loyalty rewards, but almost everyone has welcome incentives.

You need to understand that no bookmaker gives prizes just like that. As a rule, wagering is required to withdraw bonuses. its conditions may seem simple at first glance, but hunting for rewards, the clients risk losing much more than they get.

It is profitable for the bookmaker even if a bettor replenishes the account only once, then loses money and does not bet anymore. It often happens that beginners win several bets and then drain the pot. They are guided by the excitement, so wallets are replenished over and over again.

Inexperienced bettors who do not make a profit in a long run are very profitable customers for bookmakers. Therefore, the main bonus policy targets beginners.

However, taking advantage of the advice provided by the forecasters of the Scores 24 website, even novice bettors have chances to win the game against bookmakers.


Parlays are a trap for inexperienced bettors. Such bets are appealing because the odds of all the outcomes that make up the ticket are multiplied and turn into a very tempting final odd. Bettors are willing to take a risk in order to win a substantial amount as a result of a single bet.

But it should be borne in mind that the more events are included in the ticket, the less chance of winning the bettor has. After all, even one mistake will make the entire bet lose.

When the odds are multiplied, not only the final odds increase but also the edge. For example, one event has a commission of 10%, but a parlay of just three such matches will bring the bookmaker the guaranteed earnings of over 20%.

How to win over a bookmaker?

You can steadily win over a bookmaker’s office only with a thorough analysis of sporting events. It is also necessary to know well the sport on which you bet. But there is an alternative way – you can use ready-made predictions published by Scores 24.