Extra Care Health Insurance Plan For All Your Needs


With the insurance companies on the rise, some offer amazing services to the clients via policies. The aegis’ plans have got the health insurance plans which the company is providing with the Extra Care health Insurance plan. You can also check out the company’s health insurance plan so that you can easily come out to be the best in the field. These are the times when the medical costs have been rising, and as compared to the inflation rates, the health insurance’s plan is a panacea.

Why have insurance plans become so famous?

The willingness and the profits decide the popularity of the products that it can deliver to the people who buy the policies. The policies provided under the aegis make the claims for providing perfect health protection in taking care of medical treatment costs during hospitalization for serious injuries and illness. The policies also include things such as the cashless hospital network.

Extra Care Policy of health insurance can be availed as an add-on policy to an existing health insurance plan.  When your existing policy cannot cover or meet your abnormal medical expenses during emergency needs, you can opt for the Extra Care Policy for meeting additional expenses.

What are the features of the insurance policies?

Have you been looking towards having the best of the policy in your hands? Then check out the features of the policy provided:

  • It is a family Floater Policy with a single premium
  • It can be taken along with any other health insurance plan
  • Competitive premium
  • If there is no medical past, then waiver of medical checkup and tests up to the age of 55 years
  • Continuity for waiting periods subject to the basic health
  • It covers ambulance charges
  • The policy period is annual
  • Application of Deductible in health insurance’s extra care
  • Deductible applied afresh for each claim
  • Covers the hospitalization expenses over and above the specified deductible
  • Children between the age of three months and one year can be covered as dependents
  • Self, spouse, and upto three dependent children are eligible for coverage under the policy
  • Parents’ care also is covered. However, a separate policy would be issued for parents
  • Policy benefits are not available for any pre-existing illness or injury at the first health insurance’s extra care
  • After only four years of continuous coverage from the date of availing of the first health insurance’s extra care, such benefits would be available to pre-existing illness or injury.


What happens in case of renewal?

As there are many things that you need to consider while buying up the policies, do check out the renewal plans:

  • In case of the renewal of the policy, a grace period of 30 days is permitted.
  • The policy can be regular or continuous for 30 days or four years waiting period. However, any medical expenses arising out of critical illness or accident are not accepted for reimbursement.

The Claim under the health insurance plan can be either cashless, or reimbursement as the case may be more than the deductible limit.