Easy Ways to Decorate Your New Living Space


Moving into a new home is exciting. For starters, it’s both a milestone and an opportunity for a fresh start. That said, having to start all over with decorating and personalizing your space can sometimes feel intimidating, considering it probably took you years to figure out your old home’s style. Regardless of how you feel, we’re here to tell you that decorating a new home doesn’t have to be so much of a hassle, especially if you have a solid plan. On this note, here are five easy ways to decorate your new living space while staying true to your style.

1. Decide your living style.


No doubt, you’re probably hungry for new furniture. Of course, everyone loves the thrill of buying new furniture, and perhaps, there are some you already have in mind. However, this will have to wait. However, the first step to decorating your space is figuring out your living style. Ask yourself what living means to you. Do you want a modern, contemporary, or bohemian home? Will you be hosting guests regularly? How safe will the new look be for the kids?

These questions are valid and will guide you when taking measurements and buying the right furniture and accessories. For instance, assuming you want a contemporary home, you’ll most likely want stylish goods. That could be a ceiling fan or an air conditioning unit. For areas like the bathroom, you might need to completely renovate the shower. If that’s the case, Luxbath is a great company to work with. Their bathroom and shower designs are stylish, durable, and luxurious. What’s more, they cater to both the modern minimalist and the classic lover.

2. Break down your decorating plans room by room.

One of the easiest ways to get overwhelmed when decorating an empty house is by trying to do everything simultaneously. It’s always best to prioritize the most important rooms, then decorate them first. Perhaps start with your bedroom, as it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time in the first few days, then follow up with your living room as this is where you’ll entertain guests. This is especially vital if you’re planning to throw a housewarming party.

Admittedly, throwing a party immediately after moving into a house can feel stressful. However, you can strategically plan your entertainment so that you don’t have to stress yourself too much. Of course, you’ll need lots of good food, wine and if possible, some good entertainment. For the kids, a storyteller or magician is a good bet. A quick Google search can help on that front. Supposing you live on Long Island, a quick online search for “magicians Long Island” will likely deliver some viable results for a good magician.

Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or a corporate team-building exercise, a professional magician is always a great addition to any type of party and all kinds of events. Their magic tricks vary but are generally family-friendly to fit all celebrations. Your guests are guaranteed to have a fantastic day while you have the convenience to relax and enjoy the evening along with everyone else.

3. Take measurements carefully before purchasing.


There are a few things as frustrating as buying a couch that doesn’t fit through your doorway. Therefore, the best way to avoid this is by measuring each room in your house. Measure the length and width of each space, including the ceiling heights, windows, and other elements that could be an obstruction, like columns, radiators, inbuilt shelves, and stairs.

Measuring your space allows you to note the best furniture and decoration, so as not to overwhelm your space. For instance, if you have a furry friend, like a kitten (whose feline nature can sometimes be treacherous), you’ll need to be careful what type of indoor plants you keep around to avoid emergency vet visits.

You see, some plants can cause gastrointestinal upset to a curious cat, so make sure you aim for a pet-friendly plant. You should probably be specific and opt for cat-friendly houseplants that are safe for kitties to nibble. Using a hanging basket to keep a houseplant out of your pet’s reach may be futile, as cats tend to be good at climbing things. You can double-check with ASCPA’s list to confirm if you have a non-toxic plant. Plants like an African Violet, Bamboo palm, Basil, Bird’s nest fern, Boston fern, Bromeliad, cactus, parlor palm, lilies, areca palm, rosemary, money tree, and rattlesnake plant are safe indoor plants.

4. Use online resources as guidance.

As a beginner, it may not be easy trying to piece your apartment together in your head. However, there are some helpful resources that you can use as guidance. Check out designs in magazines and sites like Pinterest and Instagram to determine what style you connect with the most.

Alternatively, if you want the real deal, consider visiting furnished apartments. For instance, if you’re moving to downtown Baltimore, you can search for “furnished apartments in Baltimore” and book appointments to see them. In most cases, these will be model furnished apartments, so make sure you pay attention to the decor and how they play with patterns and solids.

5. Go furniture shopping.


Now that you have everything else figured out, it’s time to get to the juicy part of decorating your home—furniture shopping. Our first tip is to opt for quality pieces that’ll stand the test of time. Furniture is an investment; therefore, you should make it a worthy one by putting your lifestyle and durability into consideration before any purchase. Furthermore, don’t forget to show your outdoor area some love. Remember, it’s the first space people will notice before coming into your home.

So, assuming you’re a senior who lives in a serene neighborhood like Lakewood in Colorado, you’ll most likely want to sit at your balcony and receive natural light and fresh air occasionally. Therefore, you’ll need a porch or patio furniture. You can search online for “outdoor furniture in boulder, CO” to view different outdoor furniture.

From this list, you can see that you do not need to be a professional interior decorator to decorate your home tastefully.

Simply follow the list and remember to invest in quality furniture, fill your rooms with direct light, define with rugs, accent with tables, layer with textures, and finally, have fun with pillows.