Different Options You Can Consider For Insulating Your Loft


If the cost of living and increased energy rates are starting to get to you, and you want to ensure your home is adequately insulated, your loft is the first place to start. Hot air rises, so your home loses most heat through the roof, which is why it needs lots of insulation. There is more than one type of insulation you can use in the loft of your home, and you can combine more than one to increase your home’s thermal efficiency. Below are four loft insulation options you can use to help keep your home cosy and warm this winter.

Batt/Blanket Loft Insulation

One of the most common types of insulation in the loft of modern homes is batt or blanket insulation, also known as insulation rolls. As modern houses are uniform sizes, these rolls of insulation fit snuggly in the rafters between the loft joists and help prevent heat from escaping your home. The insulation comes in rolls with a felt backing with foil on one side to reflect heat into the house. It is relatively straightforward to install, and it is a job you can do yourself in a couple of hours or less, so there is no need to hire expensive contractors.

Blown-Fibre Loft Insulation

Another option you can consider for your loft is blown-fibre insulation, which is applied using a machine to blow small fibres into the cracks and crevices of your attic. It can be an eco-friendly option as you can use recycled paper or wool, and it can be done quickly by a professional that knows what they are doing. It is also suitable for insulating hard-to-reach areas, but it can be a more expensive option and is not ideal for particularly draughty lofts.

Loose-Fill Loft Insulation

You can also consider using loose-fill loft insulation, which is excellent when topping up the existing insulation in your loft. Like the blown-fibre insulation, the loose-fill insulation can easily get into small cracks and crevices and increase the thermal efficiency of your house. However, you will need to have a professional install this insulation in your home as full protective gear is required, and it is not suitable for very draughty lofts. The insulation can come loose and get blown about your attic if there are lots of draughts in the loft, so you may need to consider another type if your loft is draughty.

Sheet Loft Insulation

You can also insulate the sloping sides of your roof using sheet loft insulation, which is quick and easy to install. However, sheet loft insulation can be expensive and uses a lot of energy in production, so it is not the most environmentally friendly option you can choose. But it is excellent for loft conversions as you can fit plasterboard over it to give it a smooth finish, and the insulation sheets are highly efficient.

These are some options you can consider when insulating your loft and reducing your energy usage this winter. Improving the thermal efficiency of your home can significantly reduce your heating bills and help to keep your home nice and warm.

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