Considerations When Looking To Lease Vans For Your Business


When your business has lots of vans that you use for employees to get about doing their jobs, instead of buying your fleet of vehicles, you will want to consider leasing them as an alternative. You will need to consider many factors that can ensure you select the best type of vehicle and leasing company for the vans your business needs. Your business can enjoy the many benefits leasing vehicles gives it, which can also help your company save money on your monthly running costs. Below are a few factors to consider that can help ensure you get the best leasing deal for your company vehicles and ensure they are up to the job.

The Best Make & Model Of Vehicle For Your Business

There are many different vans available that you can use for your business, and they come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for various tasks. The Ford Transit Custom double cab is an excellent allrounder, which is ideal for carrying heavy loads and multiple occupants and for towing other equipment. The Ford Transit is one of the most common commercial work vehicles worldwide and may be ideal for your business.

How Will You Use The Vehicles

You will need to consider what you will be using the vehicles for and the conditions you will use them in, and whether you need to have signage on them. You will also need to consider the annual mileage, which if you exceed this, there is a charge for each mile you go over your declared yearly mileage.

Your Current Monthly Operating Costs

You will also need to know how much your current vehicles cost your business each month and include depreciation if you own your fleet. Once you know how much the maintenance and running costs of your old fleet are, you can start looking at leasing newer ones that are more economical to run and can save you money each month.

Searching For Suitable Lease Companies

Including the type of vehicle that you want to lease for your business in your search will make it much easier by displaying the companies with the commercial vehicles you wish to get on lease hire. You can look at the different companies offering these and compare their costs. You will need to look at the small print on things such as excess mileage charges and deposits and the monthly fee for the vehicle rental. You can then get a rough idea of the total monthly cost for your business and see how it compares.

Asking For A Discount

When hiring multiple vehicles for your business, the prices you often see quoted on websites is for only one, and many companies will offer discounts when you lease numerous vehicles. You will want to approach the top three companies you find, see what deals they can provide for the number of commercial vehicles you want, and see how much money you save. Even if the savings are small, it is worth doing as these savings soon add up when you are running a business. You can then select the company you prefer, update the fleet of vehicles for your business, and start operating a much more efficient and cost-effective fleet.