Class 6 Maths – Most Useful Preparation Tips 


As soon as students are promoted to Class 6, the level of difficulty for each subject increases considerably. This is the case for Maths too. But with the correct tips, you can easily learn and practice Class 6 Maths. You just need willpower and commitment towards the subject. We have highlighted some of the important preparation tips that will help you score high marks in Class 6 Maths. Let’s dive into these tips –

  1. Focus on Managing Your Time: The subject Maths is all about time – how timely you can finish each chapter, how fast you can solve numerical questions, and how much time it takes to revise the full chapter. You need to work on these aspects when you are preparing for Class 6 Maths. You cannot put in all of your time in solving the first few questions. Time should be equally distributed to all the questions and you should try to solve all questions in your class 6 Maths paper within the stipulated time. Make a study schedule and allot time for each subject. Do not get carried away with Maths so much that you do not give enough attention to other subjects. You need to balance all your subjects for the overall enhancement of your scores.
  1. Practice What You Learn: Maths without practice is useless. If you do not practice what you learn in Maths, there is no learning at work. As soon as you finish a chapter, start solving the examples first. When you have solved the examples, move to the exercise questions. After solving questions from the prescribed textbook, you can venture into guide books for chapter wise questions and answers like the NCERT Maths Book Class 6 Chapter 1 Solutions. The more you practice, the stronger you will get at your basics in Maths. Honing time management skills becomes more convenient when you practice Maths. With practice, you get fluency in solving.
  1. Complete your Homework: Homework is one of the most efficient ways in which you can improve your time management and self-study skills. With homework, your level of attention also increases. If you complete your homework, you will not only be able to go over once again what has been taught in the class. You are aware of what is being taught in the class. Homework makes you punctual and if you are punctual, your time management improves and you can cover more subjects and topics in a given time.
  1. Diagrams and Charts: When you are learning a chapter from the Class 6 Maths book, you will come across various diagrams and charts that may be used to explain a concept in a much easier way. You should also focus on these diagrams and charts to help you in understanding a topic. These diagrams and charts can help you visualize the concept and help you in answering questions in your exams. Chapters on shapes, data handling, mensuration, and geometry require you to be attentive when it comes to diagrams and other graphical representations.
  1. Use NCERT Maths Class 6 Solutions: Maths is a subject that involves a lot of doubts and confusion. Getting stuck on a topic or a question is totally common. To clear all your doubts and confusions, you need to have a guide that can help you in explaining the topic in a very simple manner to clear your basics. NCERT Maths Book Class 6 Solutions is the best guide that you get in the market. It has answers to every question from the textbook. If you get stuck in any question, you can easily refer to the Class 6 guide and read through the explanation. The best thing about the NCERT Maths Book Class 6 Solutions is that each solution is worked out step by step, so you know how the answer has been arrived at. In the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Maths, you can find many extra questions that can help you in brushing through what you have learnt so far.
  1. Learn the Formulas: Chapters based on Mensuration, Geometry, and Algebra involve several formulas that you must have in your mind to be able to solve exercises from these chapters. Mugging up formulas is not the correct option to learn formulas. You need to understand the underlying concept that makes up the formula. E.g. to learn the formula of the perimeter, you must know what perimeter is because unless you are unaware of what perimeter is, mugging up the formula of calculating perimeter is useless. You should maintain a chart where you add all the formulas chapter wise as you go on completing one chapter after another. Right before the exam, you can go through this chart and brush what you learnt so far.
  1. Revision is Crucial: While covering a vast syllabus, you may forget a few concepts or formulas. To make sure that you are up to date with the syllabus and have not missed out on anything from any chapter, you need to revise all that you have been studying. The syllabus of your exam should be completed well before your exam date. At least 2-3 days before your exam, you should start revising your Class 6 Maths syllabus. Day-to-day revision is equally important – as soon as you complete a chapter, you should keep your weekends for revision only. Regular revision strengthens your hold of overall concepts and basics. For a constructive revision, you must refer to NCERT Maths Class 6 Solutions.
  1. Healthy Mind: You can pay attention in class and practice Maths only when you have a healthy mind and body. For a healthy mind and body, it is essential to eat healthily and on time. You do not want to be sick and miss out on important classes. You want to progress. This progress will come when you study daily. To study daily, you need to have good health. Exercise or meditation and proper sleep will maintain your physique and freshen your mind and body. To prevent yourself from exhaustion and boredom, you must incorporate recreational activities like playing and watching something to relax your mind.

With the above tips on how to prepare for Class 6 Maths, you are assured to enhance your performance and increase your marks. You should just make sure that you follow all these tips religiously. All the best!