10 Clever Ways to Build a Company’s Online Presence


Did you know 76% of consumers will look online before visiting a business’s physical address?

Building a company’s online presence is crucial for many reasons. It allows you to stay relevant to your clients, as well as gives you more opportunities for them to reach out to you and develop relationships with your brand.

To grow as a business, you need to get others to notice you online. You can do this by posting on social media and being active there, as well as by creating content that people want to share with others.

If you are wondering how to build your company’s online presence, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Start With a Website

It seems obvious, but many people forget about this one. An easy way to build your company’s online presence is by creating an easy-to-navigate website that showcases all of your products and services.

Your website should be mobile-friendly so that it looks good on any device. This will help attract more potential customers who are searching for products and services like yours on their phones or tablets.

2. Write Blogs to Educate Your Customers

Blogs are one of the easiest ways for online branding and to share information with your audience, whether you are sharing updates on your business or tips on how to improve their lives. Blogging also helps increase your searchability on Google and other search engines.

If you write helpful content, chances are someone will link back to it from their site. This helps boost your rankings in search engines like Google.

3. Create an Online Presence With Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to create an attractive profile on Google Maps.

This tool allows you to add photos, takeout menus, and other information about your business so that users can easily find you when they search for it. It also gives you access to more data about who visits your website and how they found your site.

4. Put Your Business on Facebook

Many businesses are already active on Facebook, but if yours isn’t, try it. Facebook is one of the most popular digital marketing sites, with millions of users worldwide.

You can create a page for your business and share photos, videos, and information about events. You can also share and promote products.

5. Create an Instagram Account

Instagram is yet another social media platform that may appeal to your target audience. Especially if they are young adults or teens who enjoy sharing photos of their lives with friends and family members via smartphones or tablets.

You must post regularly so people can keep up with what’s happening in your company. But don’t overload them with too many updates in one day.

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6. Create Content That Attracts Traffic

If you want people to visit your website, then creating content that attracts traffic is one of the best ways to drive traffic back to your site from other places on the web.

Many types of content can attract traffic, including blog posts, infographics, and videos. Just make sure it’s relevant because if people don’t find value in what you’re offering, then they won’t stick around very long.

7. Take Advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is making sure your site appears at the top of search results for relevant keywords. The more optimized your site is for these keywords, the better it will perform in search engines like Google or Bing.

You need to make sure your site is built according to best practices so that it’s easy for people and bots to navigate around it easily and find what they’re looking for quickly. This includes having a good internal linking structure and using relevant keywords throughout content pages.

8. Create an Editorial Calendar

You can do this using Google Calendar or another app that syncs with your smartphone.

Write all of your upcoming blog posts, press releases, social media content, and other things related to your brand. With an editorial calendar, you won’t miss an opportunity to share something with your audience.

9. Create an Online Presence With Yelp

Yelp is another popular online resource that allows users to rate restaurants, stores, and other companies. You can rate them on their level of customer service and overall quality of products or services.

If you have positive reviews on Yelp, people will trust your business more because they know what other people think about it before visiting themselves. The more positive reviews you receive from happy customers, the higher your rating will go up on Yelp’s list.

10. Launch a Webinar Series

While live webinars aren’t as popular as they once were, they remain one of the most effective ways for marketers to generate leads and sell products online.

Webinars are also great for building trust since attendees know there will be no “sales pitch” involved. They only have educational content that helps them solve specific problems.

Your Company’s Online Presence Is Important

No matter your size or budget, there’s always a way to create and maintain a company’s online presence.

And while you will still need to use social media of some sort, these clever tactics can help improve your online presence no matter which platform you choose. The trick is to recognize how the increasing number of digital avenues affects how your company communicates.

It’s better to focus on what’s most important and practical for your marketing efforts and let the rest follow naturally.

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